Rejuvel 3D

Biomimetic Suspension

Exclusive NASA bioreactor technology simulates a microgravity environment here on earth, allowing nutrient-dense cell cultures to develop in a three-dimensional state. This rotating environment generates cell cultures that mimic those in your natural dermal tissue, a major scientific breakthrough when compared to commonly used two-dimensional methods. The active biomolecules released from these potent 3D cell cultures are formulated to stimulate your youth from within.

Certified Space Technology

Clinically Tested

Dermatologist Tested and Approved

Wow, what a difference. My skin looks years younger!

- Lily, California

It really works! Not only did it get rid of my wrinkles, but it also got rid of a scar I have had for years!

- Maria, Florida

My skin feels rejuvenated and it has taken away the dark circles under my eyes.

- Margaret, Atlanta